First white christmas in the Netherlands…

First white christmas in the Netherlands since a loonnnngggg time. Do I have a good timing to be here! :-) I wish everybody all the best, warmth, love, happiness and a lot of fun!

Ramses, dankjewel..

Met een traan en een glimlach denk ik aan een man die ons allen niets anders dan in het hart kon raken. Het zal nooit stil in Amsterdam kunnen zijn. Ramses, dankjewel.

Helpt in prachtig regenachtig Utrecht…

Helpt in prachtig regenachtig Utrecht Martin en Jean te verhuizen

wow….. The Netherlands. Beautiful…

wow….. The Netherlands. Beautiful autumn colors of the leaves, beautiful people.. good to be here!

Hi Berlin!

Hi Berlin!

->THE WALK FOR CHANGE israel/palestine…

->THE WALK FOR CHANGE israel/palestine IS POSTPONED!<-
the walk in Germany from 10/10 DOES happen!
the gathering on 16/10 Ein Haniya, Walajeh, south of Jerusalem DOES happen!

please say it forward!!

wishes all muslim friends a great end of…

wishes all muslim friends a great end of the ramadan and all jewish friends a happy new year!

resting in silent Arad in the desert :)

preparing ‘a walk for change’ mid/end…

preparing ‘a walk for change’ mid/end october (date to come):
we will walk with israelis, palestinians, jordanese and internationals in a walk of 1000 people thru the westbank to jerusalem. Goal is to show the world who we, the people of this planet, really are. Join or organize ‘a walk for change’ in your own city / region / country.
more info follows, please forward it to everyone you know by mail, twitter, facebook, sms etc.

thee-nana on a terras in the sun in…

thee-nana on a terras in the sun in j’lem :)